Lisboa meets SSCO

Consulting Event

Consulting Event

Stern Stewart is coming to Portugal to meet the students of Nova SBE and Cátolica Lisbon SBE!

We have come up with something very special for you. We are working with you on a real project to take entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso to the next level.

Find out how we are creating a social & economic impact in Africa with our think tank - the Stern Stewart Institute. Think out-of-the-box and find creative solutions for our Startup Accelerator on site.

Then it's off to dinner, where you'll get to know our consultants and our strategy boutique in a relaxed atmosphere. Find out what makes Stern Stewart so special, how we live entrepreneurship with Stern Stewart Industries and Ventures and get an insight into our corporate culture.

Upload your application including CV, all academic and practical references by April 14.

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