FAQ General information
What makes SSCO special?

As a boutique consultancy, our most unique characteristig is our family spirit. The fact that everyone knows and supports each other is promoted by many company and team events as well as flat hierarchies. The flexibility of the company also makes it possible to respond to individual needs and ideas. Furthermore, the consultants can get involved entrepreneurially in our Africa projects, Stern Stewart & Co. Industries and Ventures.

What are typical projects for SSCO?

Typically, every project is different. We are looking for generalists who enjoy supporting clients in different industries on projects with top management priority. A "typical year" with us can look like this: Starting with a project in aerospace to define strategy with two other colleagues, followed by supporting a post-merger integration in the semiconductor industry together with 15 colleagues and ending the year with a purchasing project in automotive together with four colleagues ... how is that possible? Through our close cooperation with absolute industry experts - former top managers, functional and regional heads are an essential part of our project teams and support us in successfully carrying out our projects.

Where do the projects usually take place?

Our client base consists of DAX40 companies as well as SMEs from the European region. Accordingly, our projects usually start in the German/ European HQ - from there, our teams then often travel the world. Regarding the working mode, we are convinced that good, long-term client relationships are created by being present at the client's site. Therefore, we often choose a hybrid model in combination with our office in Munich or home office.

What are the working hours at SSCO?

The daily working hours can vary depending on the project phase, but intensive and calm phases usually balance each other out. By tracking working hours, the workload of the project teams is always transparent and actively managed. A working day in which there is time for friends, family and sport pays off for us in terms of project success. In addition, we support the consultants through training and initiatives on the topic of health and wellbeing.

Is there a training to get started?

At the beginning, there is a boot camp for every new entrant introducing you to our SSCO world. Beyond that, our motto is "learning by doing". You will undergo further trainings in our Stern Stewart Academy, which will accompany you during your time as a Sternie. Our interns go through a Boot Camp Light at the beginning and then also get the opportunity to participate in various trainings.

How does staffing work? Will my preferences be taken into account?

Staffing is discussed every Monday in our partner circle. You have various opportunities to voice your preferences, e.g. via a conversation with your mentor (a partner who supports you throughout your career at Stern Stewart), your project manager or via our staffing tool, which regularly asks for preferences on project changes. The partners will do their utmost to realise your interests.

Can I take an "educational leave" at SSCO?

Yes, and we not only support you financially, but also offer you full flexibility. For example, you can do an MBA or PhD or even found a start-up (we support you with training, access to our network and even financing as part of our start-up program). You decide whether you want to take a time out or work part-time with us in parallel to your leave.

How much does one earn at SSCO and what are phantom shares?

With us, you are not just an employee, but become an entrepreneur from day 1. In addition to your fixed salary, we let you participate directly in the company's success through your "phantom shares". 50% of our profit goes into the phantom share pool, which is paid out to all employees. "All in", our salary is therefore top notch.

Is it a man's world? Women @ Stern Stewart

At Stern Stewart we have a strong community of women - see for yourself! Women@SternStewart / SSCO Career. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to improve ourselves, e.g. with special coaching, networking and mentoring offers. From our experience, the search for the perfect employer is a very personal one with very individual questions and desires. We want to support you in your search and answer YOUR questions! Write to us at Women@sternstewart.com and one of our advisors will tell you about her first-hand experience - personally, quickly and easy. 

Can I participate in SSCO Ventures and Industries?

Every newcomer gets the opportunity to participate financially in Stern Stewart Ventures and Industries. But there is much more behind it: At Stern Stewart Industries (SSI), you can not only participate in our portfolio companies, but also actively contribute as a consultant or even interim manager. As a true entrepreneur, you actively shape the transformation and contribute your knowledge and skills from the consulting projects for our own companies. Learn what it means to live entrepreneurship, to make strategic decisions yourself and to ensure a successful implementation in the long term. 
At Stern Stewart Ventures (SSVE) it's the same, as a shareholder you can act as an investment manager for our portfolio companies, be involved in strategic decisions and proactively contribute to the analysis of potential new targets. In addition to your project, you can apply for a place on the Investment Committee (SSVE Board). As a member of the SSVE Board, you will have overall responsibility for SSVE, make important strategic decisions and be responsible for investor relations.

How can I get involved in the Africa projects?

As an intern, you can do this primarily through our NextGen internship. This gives you the opportunity to travel to Koudougou in Burkina Faso for four weeks in addition to your consultancy project and to further the development of our university on site. You can also support our teams in existing projects from Germany.
As a permanent entrant, there are no limits - you can have a real impact and continuously advance various projects of your choice in addition to your daily work as a consultant, as well as change things hands-on during a visit to Burkina Faso.

What should I bear in mind when visiting Burkina Faso?

We support you in every way during the preparation and your aktual stay in Burkina Faso. In our experience, visa applications and travel planning are particularly important - our assistance team will help you with this. You can pick up all the necessary vaccinations directly from our company doctor. For further tips & tricks, we will put you in contact with team members who have already been there and can give you first-hand information when you register for the NextGen internship.

FAQ Application
Which documents do I have to submit for the application and in which language?

Your application should consist of a letter of motivation, your CV as well as academic and practical references. Whether German or English, we take both.

How much time should I allow between application, interview date and entry?

It is possible to get an interview appointment within three weeks after receiving your application. Of course, you can also take more time. Whether it's an internship or a permanent position, your entry is possible in both the short and long term.

In which language will the interviews take place?

We will conduct the interviews mainly in German, rarely also in English.

Do I have to be on site or can I also conduct the interviews digitally?

The interview day for fixed entrants takes place at our office only. For internships, you can choose whether you want to participate digitally or at our office.

How will I be supported during the interview process?

Before your interview day, you will be assigned a "coach" who will provide you with advice and support before, during and after the day. At many universities we have University Ambassadors who you can also get in touch with.

What is the dress code on the interview day?

The dress code is casual, come as you feel comfortable.

What should I expect regarding the interview cases?

Don't worry, we won't do brainteasers or classic "textbook cases" with you. Instead, you work interactively with your interviewer on a current project topic. We want to find out in a relaxed atmosphere whether we fit together.

What is the minimum period for an internship at SSCO?

You should take at least twelve weeks.

What is the best time of year for an internship?

There are no fixed time periods. You can start at any time, our project teams are always waiting for you.

Is there a fixed order for the components of the NextGen Internship and do they have to take place directly after each other?

There is no fixed order, nor do you have to schedule the two parts directly after each other. You can choose freely in consultation with us!

Do I have to change my place of residence to Munich?

We recommend our interns to organise a flat in Munich. If you are not at the client's site, you have the opportunity to work together with your project team from the office and live the Sternie spirit. (neue Zeile) As a fixed entrant, you have the free choice - many colleagues live in other German cities or even in other European countries (e.g. Vienna or London).

Is there a fixed number of free places for internships or permanent placements?

No, there are not. We are growing - anyone who convinces us gets an offer and can join.

What are SSCO's selection criteria?

We are looking for creative minds who like to think out-of-the-box and don't shy away from discussion. You should have an excellent academic record and have completed your first relevant internships in consulting, PE, auditing or corporate functions.

Can I apply without a business background?

Of course you can. However, you should have a basic understanding of economics.

Can I apply without work experience?

If possible, you should have gained your first practical experience in a company, start-up or already in consulting.

Do I have to be able to speak and write German fluently at SSCO?

Our projects are international, important stakeholders often come from the DACH region. A good command of written and spoken German is therefore required.

Is it still possible to do an internship after completing my Master's degree?

After completing a Master's degree, an internship is no longer possible; now it's time to get started right away with a permanent position.

What costs are covered for the interview day or participation in an event?

We cover all the costs that you incur - flights, trains, hotels, taxis, etc.